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February 2009

Bill Davis called to order the February meeting.  Members present were Bill Davis, Mark Phillips, Chris Phillips, Scott Happel, Mark Hancock, Dwight Vinson, Gene Warren, Charles Whittemore, Ben Bassett, Randy West, Dillion Thompson and Robert Birke.
As Club Safety Officer, Mark Hancock asks us to remember:
-Taxi out of pits is allowed but
taxi into pits is prohibited.
-avoid flying beyond tree lines
Fun Fly
Last years Fun Fly netted  $190.10 for the club.  Interest among the attending group for another Fun Fly was low.  Unless there is substantial commitment to another Fun Fly, the 2009 event will be dropped. 
Club decided to leave the chain unlocked at the entrance to field.  If unauthorized personnel do not use the field it will remain unlocked.  Mark Phillips handed out plastic name tag envelopes for AMA cards.  Members are encouraged to place their AMA cards or Club ID tags in the envelope and wear them at the field as an aid to identify club members, preventing unauthorized access
AMA Silver Leader Club
Scott Happel returned application for 2008 Silver Leader Club Award from AMA.  AMA hands out award pins the first year and Scott still has some left from 2007.  Without the Fun Fly we will lose this award for 2009.  We could substitute one of these to fulfill Silver Leader requirements: 1.)Donate a Model Aviation subscription to a school, 2.) obtain a formal rental or lease agreement from land owner, 3.) Hold or participate in a charity event where modeling is recognized publically.  Otherwise we drop to Bronze status. 
New members
Randy West and his grandson, Dillion Thompson joined up.  Randy is trained and competent pilot and Dillion is learning on a small electric.  If all last years members rejoin, our membership will be 34 people.  That is a increase of 6 people, great news for the club.
Ben Bassett will take over the maintenance of the club website.   Ben has much skill in the field of computers, owning a business to that end.   Thanks Ben!
It was agreed to go with program similar to last years volunteer program. Nearly all members present for meeting agreed and are committed to the program.  Club will use Bill Davis's mower again this year.  Thanks Bill!  A schedule will be published on the website.  Please email
fayettevillerc@hotmail.com to volunteer.  All dates are currently open, please include a commit date with your response.
We are in much better shape than last year due largely to increase in income (from increased membership and complete payment of dues) and the volunteer mowing force all but eliminated mowing expense.
The net gain for 2008 was $622.10.  This is a marked improvement over 2007, which recorded a loss of over $1200.
More financial details can be found in your email.
Club Sun Shelter
Scott Happel donated some material he acquired for free to the club.  Four 4x6 posts and roof framing material was donated, enough material to start a 12'x12' sun shelter.  The club will purchase about $150 in plywood and roofing material to finish installation.  The sun shelter will be located about 5' west of the spectator line and about 40' north of the club shelter.
Club dues remain at $50 and AMA membership is required.  Additional family members are $25 to a maximum of $100 per household.  The easiest way to handle club dues (a few members have already done so) is to mail a check to:
Scott Happel
214 Hull Road
Fayetteville, NC 28303
I will confirm receipt of your dues via email or phone if you sent payment via the mail.
Absolute deadline is 3/31/09, unpaid members after this deadline lose their membership and flying priveleges.  Early payment is greatly appreciated as it make record keeping with AMA headquarters easier.  Thank you to those members who have promptly paid their dues.
Next meeting will be March 8, 2 pm club field.


March 2008

Club Meeting

Club meeting was called to order with the following members in attendance: Bill Davis, Mark Hancock, Mark Phillips, Chris Phillips, Daniel Bush, Joe Bush, Henry Tew, Scott Happel, Robert Wynne, Chester Taylor, Gene Warren, Charles Whittemore, Jesse Hall, Daryl Fisher, Randy Schmidt, Mike Voytko and Mac Maciborski.


The club added three new members to the roster.  Please welcome Chris Phillips, Henry Tew and Randy Schmidt.  Chris Phillips is the son of member Mark Phillips.  Chris has soloed his trainer and is now engaging in combat with the group.  Nice Job Chris!  Henry Tew is new to the club and to R/C flying.  Henry built and flies a Great Planes Rapture covered in a unique John Deere color scheme.   This is Henry’s first plane and he's already soloed.  Randy Schmidt is a South Carolinian on temporary assignment at Bragg with the Air Force.  He pilots a couple nice LiPo powered electrics.  The flights are smooth, controlled and quiet.  Nice looking planes and smooth flying.


Club and AMA dues are late on March 31st.  Do not risk the loss of flying privileges by letting your AMA or Fayetteville R/C Club membership lapse.  

There are a few other items to consider for the future. Bill Davis wishes to gauge interest in Club pot luck BBQ at the field.  Probably set a date at next club meeting.  A few people have expressed interest in obtaining club hats and shirts. This would likely be run similar to the combat wing program. The Club would take initial orders and purchase that quantity plus some extra stock.  Club would then resell items to members for a small profit.  We hope create a temporary membership lasting 6 months.  This membership status is intended to help the numerous military R/C flyers on TDY or other R/C flyers that are only in Fayetteville a short time.  A Bylaws amendment will be introduced next month creating and defining this membership category. 


Secretary/Treasurer Report February 2008

  • All wing kits are sold resulting in a club profit of $47 plus $60 used for donation. Expenses for next month will be about $90 for AMA recharter.  Income from dues is expected to be $500. 
  • Club will purchase 10 combat wing kits for resale.  Member cost will be $30 per wing kit and upon sale of all wings the club will realize $60 in profit.
  • We were awarded AMA Silver Leader Club Status.  I have metal pins that recognize our achievement by AMA.  There is a limited number, if you would like one see Scott Happel.  Gold Leader Club status can be obtained by completing the final three requirements: donation of Model Aviation to school; formal agreement with land owner; and participation of club in a community charity or fund raising event such as Toys for Tots. 


Amendment to Bylaws: Mowing Amendment

The proposed mowing amendment did not pass. An all volunteer force will be utilized to keep field in flyable condition.  Bill Davis volunteered to mow the field as needed until May.  All club members that were present, but one, volunteered to mow and was assigned a date.  Members committed to the mowing schedule below.



Weekend        Responsible

5/3/08             Mark Hancock                        

5/10/08           Mark Phillips

5/17/08           Joe Bush

5/24/08           Daniel Bush

5/31/08           Henry Tew

6/7/08             Scott Happel

6/14/08           Robert Wynne

6/21/08           Chester Taylor

6/28/08           Gene Warren 

7/5/08             Charles Whittemore

7/12/08           Jesse Hall

7/19/08           Daryl Fisher

7/26/08           Randy Schmidt

8/2/08             Mike Voytko

The Club wishes to thank everyone volunteering to mow the field.  It is hoped that everyone participates in the program. When it is your turn to mow, you should contact Bill Davis to arrange for pickup of mower.  The mowing trailer has a 2” ball hitch and you will need to provide about 2 gallons of gas for the mower.  If you can’t tow the trailer, Bill can probably help you. Please note that during hot, dry spells the field may not need mowing.  Please check that condition with Bill or Joe Bush.   

One can see that this only covers half the season, there were many members not in attendance that will help mow.  If you wish to help the club mowing program, contact Scott Happel or fayettevillerc@hotmail.com to volunteer for a date.

A more detailed report can be found in the members section or in your email.

February 2008


Secretary/Treasurer Report February 2008

  • A detailed treasurer report is in the member section of website.
  • The Contest Director application for Scott Happel was submitted.  AMA event sanction for the September Fun Fly was submitted. 
  • The club has just two combat wing kits left.
  • No word on status of AMA Silver Leader application submitted last month. 
  • Website has recorded over 1600 page views and visitors from UK, France, Poland, Turkey, Australia, Japan, Ukraine, Germany, Belgium, Philippines and Thailand.



Amendment to Bylaws: Mowing Amendment

    An amendment was introduced to provide for field mowing and enable club to enforce the program.  Below is the text as submitted for approval at the next club meeting.  Amendments or changes to the bylaws require a written notice of proposed changes be posted at the club field for 21 days prior to vote.  The vote for this proposal will be at the March club meeting.  The text of Article XI is below:


    A.      Every club member will be required to abide by the club mowing program.

    B.      A Club Mowing Coordinator shall be appointed by the club officers.  His duties will include scheduling mowing activity, finding alternatives, collecting any fees associated with program, judging satisfactory completion of mowing obligation.

    C.      Each member is required to mow at least once per season.

    D.     It is preferred that mowing be conducted Thursday through noon on Saturday.

    E.      The runway shall be mowed every time.  The mowing coordinator shall have final decision on mowing of pits and parking areas.  Unsatisfactory mowing shall be judged by mowing coordinator and subject to section J of this article.

    F.       Mowing coordinator shall post a schedule at the field.

    G.     Members are expected to provide gas for the mower.

    H.     If the Mowing Coordinator feels mowing is not required that week, the Mowing Coordinator may reschedule member or release member from his obligation.

    I.        A member can decide to pay a mowing fee instead of mowing the field.  The collected funds will be deposited in the club account, without restriction.  The mowing fee shall be $50 for 2008 season.  For the years following, the club officers shall agree upon price of the fee and post fee amount at the club field no later than Dec. 1.

    J.        Members who fail to meet the requirements of the club mowing program should be recommended for discipline action by the Mowing Coordinator to the club officers.

    K.      Club officers shall discuss recommendation for discipline.  With the approval of at least two officers, the officers shall suspend the flying privileges of that member.  Notice of suspension shall be posted at the club field.  Members with suspended flying privileges are not entitled to a rebate of dues possessed by the club. 

    L.       Return of flying privileges will be with the approval of at least two officers and satisfactory completion of mowing obligations.   

    This amendment was proposed to enable field mowing without exhausting the club funds. The amendment requires each member to mow the field at least once.  Mowing activities are to be coordinated by a Mowing Coordinator appointed by the Club officers.  Members can choose pay $50 rather than mow.  Mowing Coordinator will do his best to assign times that fit that person's schedule.  Members with special circumstances in that they can not meet the mowing requirement, must bring it to the Mowing Coordinator for resolve.  Unsatisfactory completion of mowing obligation shall be decision of the Mowing Coordinator. His decision will be final and he can if he wishes recommend discipline to the club officers.  The club officers then vote to suspend flying privileges. If suspended the member loses flying privileges until member has made good on his mowing requirement.

    Bill Davis would provide his mower for use on the club field.  Scheduled mowers would contact Bill to arrange for delivery of mower to the field. Members expressed concern that ill feelings could result from enforcement.  Members noted that some people have work schedules, numerous commitments or rarely fly and some don't fly at all, but are still club members.  The amendment allows for the Mowing Coordinator decide if member has not satisfactorily completed requirement. This is intended to allow for these circumstances. Furthermore, the club officers are not required to enforce discipline. The wording of the amendment allows for consideration of special circumstances by the officers.   Members felt the mowing coordinator should assign members to schedule, then resolve conflicts surrounding timing rather than ask people to pick a time.  Previous experience with volunteers is that few sign up on their own accord. Members also expressed a safety and courtesy concerns over flying and mowing the runway.  Given that the person mowing is performing the club a service, right of way should be given to the mower and flying suspended while mower is on the runway.  This sounds like an addition to club rules. A lot of discussion was done over the proposed amendment, a lot of great ideas and suggestions.  All members should read and carefully consider this amendment so an informed and intelligent vote will occur in March.  


Other Business

  • Approved by voice vote to release Bill Davis of his debt to club for two combat wing kits valued at $60.  This reflects Bill's effort for the club and his generous offer to provide the club with a mower.
  • Approved by voice vote for club to pay maintenance/repair costs for Bill's mower while it is used to mow club field
  • Members in attendance were: Bill Davis, Mark Phillips, Scott Happel, Mark Hancock, Daniel Busch, Dwight Vinson, Robert Wynn, Stephanie Phillips, Daryl Fisher, Jesse Hall and Charles Whittemore.
  • Club would like to recognize Bill Davis for his effort surrounding the oyster roast.  Bill obtained and cooked them.  If you ate please make sure you settle up with Bill for the oysters.  Bill fronted the money to obtain the oysters and cooking supplies. 
  • Skip Mertz has offered to purchase gas for those mowing the field.
  • Club dues are due!   Remember you can mail your dues ($50) to:

Scott Happel

214 Hull Road

Fayetteville, NC 28303


January 2008

A short meeting was held this month.  


         September Fly was set for the traditional Saturday after Labor Day.  This year it will be early on September the 6th.  Scott Happel will be Contest Director.

         There are still 3 combat wing kits and several wing block and G10 strips available for purchase.  Wing kits are $30, Bill Davis can probably help you out with the fuselage.

         Treasurer reports that the year ended with $993.57 in the club account. Club received $280 from combat kit sales and $137 in donations.  No payments were made in December 2007.

         A complete year end financial report is available in the member section.

         The member section requires a log in.  For that you'll need to establish a free account at www.tripod.lycos.com and email the club at  fayettevillerc@hotmail.com to get added to the member list.

         With this free account, you can create your own website, much like Robert Wynne did.  See our links page to look at Roberts site.

         Club funds are at an all time low, please pay your dues promptly.

         The application for AMA Silver Leader Club was posted to the AMA in December.



December 2007

No meeting was held this month.  A few items to note:


         Annual Dues need to be paid by March 1, 2008.  Dues have not increased for 2008 and remain at $50 for membership.  Youth and family members are $25.

         Please remember Dan Drake.  Dan passed away last month shortly after moving to Colorado.  God Bless Dan and his family

         Combat wing kits, wing blocks and G10 have arrived.  Prices are $30, $5 and $4.  See Scott Happel. Profit from sale of items goes to the club.

         We need to set by end of January the date for the Fun Fly.  Posting in Model aviation requires a long lead time we should submit before March.

         Be sure to check out the combat blog, “Death from Above”, on the website.  Look on the Combat page for the link or go to www.fayettevillercclub.com/trash.

November 2007
Members present at November Club Meeting were Bill Davis, Steve Bates, Scott Happel, Mark Phillips, Stephanie Phillips, Mark Hancock and Ed Doughtery.
Nominations were received for 2008 officers. President: Bill Davis, Vice-President: Mark Phillips, Secretary/Treasurer: Scott Happel and Safety Officer: Mark Hancock.
Club voted to purchase combat equipment at a total cost of $393 for resale to members.  13 Wing kits including cores, EPP leading edge, spars, ailerons and strapping are priced at $30, complete kit at $50, wing blocks at $5 and G10 strips at $4.  Commitments to purchase totaling nearly $300 were received prior to order.  Club will make $106 when sales are completed.
Club voted to fund website.  Cost is $9 per month plus a one time setup fee of $15.  The current free website is nearly full, no more pictures can be added.  The new site will have its own domain and be known as www.fayettevillercclub.com.  Look for this site in the coming weeks.  Visits to the old site will be redirected to new site.  
Scott Happel presented proposed revisions to the bylaws.  Current copy is out of date and not in compliance with current AMA guidelines.  Amendments proposed were to:
-enable officers to set following years dues and post by Dec. 1
-removing wording in bylaws regarding archaic $40 membership fee and replacing with "evergreen" wording defining the cost of common membership, youth membership and second household membership.
-enable a grievance procedure and empower discipline committee of club officers to enforce the progressive discipline policy.
-include reference to club rules and modification requirements
-add a section for club purpose
-President or highest ranking officer shall be the deciding vote in the event of a tie vote.
All amendments passed.  New Bylaws will be posted at the field and on this website.
Interest in club purchase for resale of shirts and hats was discussed.  This item needs further commitment, discussion and research to continue.
Club finances were qualitatively discussed.  Positive growth in occurred in 2005 and 2006, while in 2007 accounting was in the red.  In 2005 and 2006 the club incurred little expense for mowing as Bill Davis, Jesse Hall and Daryl Fisher mowed without reimbursement.  Mowing was contracted last year do to lack of club volunteers.   Safety benches were also purchased in 2007 that resulted in about $400 of expense.  This expense is unlikely to occur in 2008.  Club dues are likely to rise for 2009 unless expenses can be cut or membership increased.
Given that only one nominee was taken for each office, an unanimous vote for each nominee was received.  2008 officers shall be:
Bill Davis, President, 3rd term
Mark Phillips, Vice-President
Scott Happel, Secretary/Treasurer
Mark Hancock, Safety Officer
Thank you to outgoing 2007 officers.  Great job.
Reminder to all club members that your AMA membership and club membership dues are due Jan 1.  Those members not paid up by March 1 risk their membership in the club.  Dues are $50 and youth and familly memberships are $25.  Turn in your dues payment to Scott Happel or Bill Davis.

Posted Nov. 11, 2007


October 2007
Website is off and running this month  All feedback has been postive.  Many Thanks.  Members should email fayettevillerc@hotmail.com with any pictures or suggestions for the website.
Standing club meeting for second Sunday of the month is quickly coming.  It will be Sunday Nov. 11 at 2pm.  We need to consider election of 2008 officers.  Club combat plane purchase for resale to club members will come up for discussion as well as AMA Leader club application.
This newsletter will record Club meeting minutes, events or news at the field and other items submitted for publication.  It is intended to keep members current on completed, planned or suggested activity.  It will be published once per month on this webpage.
Posted Oct. 27, 2007

Fayetteville RC Club
AMA Silver Leader