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First sand off all the webs, ridges and imperfections.
I glue my wing halves and spars with polyurethane glue, PU. It has more flex than epoxy, I think it sticks better in high impact crashes.
Place a strip of saran wrap on your table for the center of the wing to lie on.  Put some PU on one wing center, wipe the other with a damp cloth.  Put the wing right side up on the table over the saran wrap.  Put a good amount of PU in the top wing spar slot, wipe the spar with a damp cloth and push it into the hole.  Cover the spar and center seam with masking tape.  This will prevent the glue from foaming up so badly.  Pin the wing down in a few places to keep it straight and together.  Check back periodically and remove any glue that has foamed out of place.
When the glue has set, cut or plane off the excess.  Flip the wing over and repeat for the bottom spar.  If the wing is assembled in this order, it will be straight across the top.  The bottom will make a slight dihedral due to the taper of the wing.

The next step is to install the embeds.  There will be six, center leading edge top and bottom, center trailing edge top and bottom and one at each wingtip.  There function is to prevent crushing by the rubber band used to hold down the wing.  The one at the tip adds some strength as the tip usually gets crushed on a dirtnap or mid-air. 
One should use 1/8" lite-ply or 1/8" plywood, whatever you have handy to make my embeds.  Make the center ones about 1-1/2" deep and 3-4 inches wide.  I trace the shape on the foam core where they are to be placed.    I cut the embeds about 3-4" wide. 
Place the embed where you wish it to go and trace on outline onto the foam.  You will need to remove the foam in this area to the thickness of the embed.
Bamboo skewers work great for attaching the tip embed.  Drill appropriate hole through embed to match the skwer.  Cut a bamboo skewer to a 1" length and push it into the foam untill it is flush with embed.
Glue everything with PU and tape or clamp the embeds down.  Check back periodically to remove any stray glue that has foamed out.

The Top of the Wing

The bottom of the wing

The wing tip embed

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