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First Name Last Name Phone Cell email
Kenny Bailey 678-8720   kennyb232@yahoo.com
Steve Bates 678-8720   bates99@embarqmail.com
Robert Birke 485-3972    
John Black 990-7599    
Amy Bryant     amybevclaydylan@aol.com
Beverly Bryant     amybevclaydylan@aol.com
Dayton Bryant 531-4536   amybevclaydylan@aol.com
Daniel Bush 483-8584   warrior350fmf@yahoo.com
Joe Bush 483-8584 609-6188  
William Davis 531-3726 624-6422 lookouthilton@intrstar.net
Ed Doughty 977-1664   jdoughty@nc.rr.com
Timothy Fettis 717-4083    
Daryl Fisher     dfishman76@aol.com
James Gagne 850-3407   Jamesgagne@ccs.k.12.nc.us
Jesse Hall 323-2584    
Mitch Hall 237-2349   mitch@cedfayetteville.com
Mark Hancock 425-1278 257-7309  
Scott Happel 483-4054 322-8174 wesnewalbany@hotmail.com
Mike Hodges 866-4320   mhodges@intrstar.net
Mack Mackiborski 323-4121    
Mark Phillips 574-9694   markphillips04@yahoo.com
Charlie Smith 323-4490    
James Smith 323-4490    
Chester Taylor 483-7293    
Dwight Vinson 630-1545   danceman5678@cs.com
Michael Voytko     svtwin2003@yahoo.com
Eugene Warren 425-3973   carolynandgene@juno.com
Charles Whittemore 425-8446    
Robert Wynne 483-3549   rjw2638b@aol.com

Fayetteville RC Club
AMA Silver Leader